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Mission:  The purpose of the club shall be to (1) promote swimming as a recreational/ competitive sport; (2) encourage members to participate in organized swimming events; and (3) provide an opportunity for members to meet socially.

Activities: Swimming clinics, social meetings, patio parties, Senior games and other State & National competitions.

Membership: Swimmers interested in stroke improvement and possible competition

Annual Dues: $25.00

Practices: Monday, Wednesday & Fridays (A) group 8:00am to 9:30am, (B) group 9:30 to 10:30

Location: 1111 S. GVR Dr (West Center Social Center – Pool)


Gord Kissman




I began competitive swimming in 2007. My swimming highlight was winning a bronze medal in the  800M freestyle at the 2016 Canadian Nationals. I also enjoy cycling (century rides), oil painting and golf. 
Most importantly, I love spending time with my wife, Darien, at our summer home, a log cabin, on Skootamatta Lake in Ontario, Canada.. 

Craig Shaffer



I joined Swim Club 9 years ago after 40 years out of the water. Now, the Club's members and daily workouts are a big part of my daily and social life. Over the past several years, I have also been fortunate to compete in both State and National competitions. 

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