1. Backstroke:  One of the four competitive racing strokes. Backstoke is swam as the first stroke in the Medley Relay and the second stroke in the IM

  2. Breaststroke: One of the four competitive racing strokes. Breaststroke is swam as the second stroke in the Medley Relay and the third stroke in the IM

  3. Butterfly:  One of the four competitive racing strokes. Butterfly (FLY) is swam as the third stroke in the Medley Relay and first stroke in the IM

  4. DQ-Disqualified: A swimmer's performance is not counted because of a rules infraction.

  5. Dropped Time:  When a swimmer goes faster than the previous performance, they have "dropped their time."

  6. Electronic Timing: Timing system with touchpads in the water with computer console that prints out the results of each race.

  7. Event:  A race or stroke over a given distance. An event equals 1 preliminary with its final, or 1 timed final.

  8. False Start:  When a swimmer leaves the starting block before the horn. One false start will disqualify a swimmer or a relay team. 

  9. Freestyle: One of the four competitive racing strokes. Freestyle (Free) is swam as the fourth stroke in the Medley Relay and fourth stroke in the IM.

  10. Goals:  The short- and long-range targets for swimmers to aim for.

  11. Heats:  An event having too many swimmers too compete in one heat. Swimmers submitted times are put into heats, slowest to fastest or vice versa.

  12. Heat Sheet:  The pre-meet printed listings of swimmers' seed times in the various events at a swim meet.

  13. High Point:  An award given to the swimmer scoring the most points in a given age group at a swim meet.

  14. IM:  Individual Medley. Event using all four competitive strokes. 100IM-25 each length. Order must be: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle.

  15. Long Course:   A 50-meter pool.

  16. Non-Conforming Time:   A short course time submitted to qualify for a long course meet, or vice versa.

  17. NT:  No Time. The abbreviation used on a heat sheet to designate that the swimmer has not swum that event before.

  18. Psyche Sheet:  An entry sheet showing all swimmers entered into each individual event with times but not in heats.

  19. Qualifying Times:  Published times necessary to enter certain meets, or the times necessary to achieve a specific category of swimmer.

  20. Medley Relay:  One swimmer swims Backstroke, one swimmer swims Breaststroke, one swimmer swims Butterfly, one swimmer swims Freestyle, in that order.

  21. Scratch:   To withdraw from an event after having declared an intention to participate.

  22. Seeding:   Assigning swimmers heats and lanes according to their submitted times.

  23. Short Course:  A 25-yard or 25-meter pool.

  24. Split:  A portion of an event that is timed.  (i.e. ) A swimmer's first 50 time is taken as the swimmer swims the 100 race.

  25. Starter:  The official in charge of signaling the beginning of a race and insuring that all swimmers have a fair takeoff.

  26. Stand-up:  The command given by the Starter or Referee to release the swimmers from their starting position.

  27. Step-Down:  The command given by the Starter or Referee to have the swimmers move off the blocks. Good indication something is not right start the race.

  28. Taper:  The resting phase of a swimmer before the championship meet.

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